Tree & Shrub Care


Horticultural Oil and Fertilizer Program

A basic care program for your trees and shrubs using environmentally friendly horticultural oil and phosphorus-free, slow-release fertilizer applied directly to the roots.


Deep Root Fertilizing

Our fertilizer program picks up where nature left off. Nutrient rich matter is removed year after year by leaf blowing and landscaping. Without nutrient inputs, residential plants and trees struggle to maintain vigor. We remedy this by injecting specialized fertilizers into the root zone of your trees and shrubs. This provides direct contact with the root system. The deep root feeding process augments the soil with nutrients while creating new pore spaces for air to reach the roots. The final result creates an environment that your trees and shrubs can thrive in.

Horticultural Oil

Dormant horticultural oil applications kill insects and mites before they become a problem. Two applications, one in fall and one in spring, provide protection against a variety of overwintering and end of season pests. Generally, these applications avoid killing beneficial insects, such as bees, through proper application timing and low residual.


Plant Health Care Program

If your landscape is elaborately planted with a wide variety of landscape plants, our Plant Health Care program might be right for you.

We schedule 6 visits to your property throughout the growing season and assess and treat any pest or disease problems we see. Basic horticultural oil and fertilizer applications are included in this program, as well as any foliar applications to control outbreaks of mites, bagworms, caterpillars, and other harmful pests. We will also make recommendations about pruning, watering, and other services that may be necessary to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant.

Other Services

If you think there is something wrong with one of your landscape plants, we can recommend a one-time intervention or a specific program to correct a problem: 

Miticide Application

A mite infestation can defoliate and severely damage many popular ornamentals in our region. Luckily this is an easy pest to spot and control. Even if you missed the window for a preventative horticultural oil application, we can effectively control this pest with a miticide program.  

Systemic Insecticide Treatment

Many of the problems we see at the peak of the season require an application directly into the trunk or to the root zone of the plant. For things like scale on Euonymous, engraver beetles on pines, or leaf miner in birch trees, this can be an effective treatment that minimizes  collateral damage to beneficial insects and keeps your plants healthy and resilient.